Quadrolegno SrlQuadrolegno S.r.l. is the pioneer in creating, living, researching and developing wood flooring as a part of the whole system, not only at the aesthetic level, but also at the level of sensations, technical parameters and safety in use.

Thanks to the different manufacturing processes, Quadrolegno brings together the best of woodworking, experience and researches presented on the Italian national market. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to study products and solutions without any restrictions. We produce and create what we think is right to produce and to create.

Our collections originate from sensations and requests, often dictated by intuition rather than market researches, received from the architects, interior designers, furniture manufacturers and luthiers – all wood lovers and sensations that gives us this natural material.

Thanks to them we were able to concretize and to give new «meanings» to some new aspects of the parquet industry. The collection QuadroLegno Élite, from the beginning became the Company’s name, step by step was expanded and enriched with other collections, new sensations and fillings, not just visual, but also tactile.
“I Colori della Terra”, “Naturalia”, “I Legni della Storia”, “Legni Preziosi”, “Lignum” are not just our creations, but also yours, tanks to the important challenges that you have been provided us during all these years.

“La Quercia” is the only one collection that is not of our production, but we distribute it including it in our assortment thanks to its fascination and originality.