The addition of a piece of history onto a surface which already conserves a past of its own: behold the allure of recycled wood flooring. The past has always fascinated us, regardless of whether it has been documented in detail, captured in all but a few signs, or imagined altogether. Antique, aged or recycled wood parquet reveal many facetings of the same diamond: the possibility to perceive temporal continuity through your gaze, which takes us back in time and invites us to leave our sign for the future.

antichi e di recupero interna
rovere recupero

Antique recycled wood flooring

Wood is a unique material which is never the same: in antique wood flooring it fully expresses its changeable nature and ability to interact with the surrounding environment by influencing it while also being influenced by it at the same time. Antique wood parquet bears the signs of a long life which entwines with shades and veining that emerges to the surface. Taking care of an antique wood floor means embracing the ephemeral nature of things, the beauty of imperfection, according to the oriental concept of wabi-sabi. Piece after piece, antique wood flooring recounts a story waiting to be deciphered and which never repeats itself.


Let chance model wood and engage in a dialogue with a surface which has already been modified by the passing of time. Recycled wood flooring is for those who are brave enough to abandon total control and embrace discrepancy, in all its beauty. Recycled wood for parquets is a wood summoned to live a second life: antique flooring, antique barrel or beams, oak or any other kind of suggestive wood, which changes shape while integrally conserving its expressiveness, enhanced by all the signs it bears on its surfaces.

Aged wood flooring

Aged flooring is artisan tradition combined with chemical research, in a homage to the past. It is a wood summoned to imagine a story to be told. Creating aged wood flooring means eliminating all aesthetic limits and embracing a contemporary style onto which the traces of a past, yet present history are imprinted, resulting in an ideal continuity that perpetuates itself over time, without any aesthetic limits. Aged wood flooring can embrace any wood tonality, from white to black parquet, as dark as the night. In aged parquet, the colour brown meets the sign and reinterprets a surface which is still pure, conferring meanings and suggestions.

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