Amaranth, purple wood flooring ready to surprise you

Amaranth is a wood which creates intense purple coloured parquet and is obtained from Peltogyne Venosa, a plant which belongs to the Leguminosae Cesaipiniaceae family. It is necessary to explore the heart of the Amazon forest to discover it, from Mexico to Brazil (the name of this wood probably originates from the Brazilian city Amarante). Amaranth presents a whitish colour sapwood: upon cutting, it shows no sign of the wonderful colours it is capable of unleashing with the passing of time.

amaranto ambiente

How amaranth is transformed into purple parquet

The work of nature and man are both necessary for amaranth, the purple coloured wood, to capture and captivate the gaze, for the creation of shimmering parquets. Ageing is not only when wood is freed from its water content, it is also when it engages in dialogue with light and air, responding to solicitations with a new identity ready to be flaunted. Colour molecules come to life and conquer the material as a whole, enabling an intense purple colour to blossom across its entire surface. This process is accompanied and reinforced by man, by means of pigmentation techniques which ultimately convince amaranth to flaunt an intense and vibrant purple.

The allure and refinement of amaranth

Amaranth is a rare and fine wood used to make highly prestigious parquets. Amaranth flooring tells the story of lands in which thick and luxurious vegetation conceals fascinating secrets. The choice of amaranth flooring means choosing to bestow the luxury of time upon yourself, in letting the wood evolve into its tonality, until it is set, ready to be admired for eternity. Amaranth is one of the hardest and most robust woods, it is incredibly resistant over time and its rich colour is truly second to none in nature.


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