Black is the colour into which all colours flow: black wood flooring is a terrain of unlimited possibilities. It is the night, with its allure and fears, it is a safe and hidden refuge, it is something which few can cope with or have. Black wood flooring is a surface which is not scared of embracing its role as protagonist. Although it leaves space for other colours, one thing is sure: it will never settle for going unnoticed.

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Black parquet: shadow which challenges light

Black parquet is a wood flooring capable of constructing fascinating relations with light. Shiny, it transforms contrast into something dark yet sparkly, interpreting opposites with rare elegance. Opacity only apparently opposes itself: veining crosses it like silver stripes, occasionally revealing here and there that there is no place which is truly immersed in the total absence of light. Raw materials are patiently processed to obtain shiny or opaque wood flooring, or to obtain a pigment which matches veining, without overwriting it: wood colour explorations in parquet creation have taught us that there is never a single conception of each colour.

Black makassar ebony flooring

Nature has many ways of interpreting black, more than we can imagine. Black wood flooring can be made from natural, exceptionally fine and beautiful woods. For centuries, the blackness of makassar ebony has been a source of fascination. A natural colour makassar ebony wood flooring reveals warm brown notes streaked with the deepest of blacks. African ebony is no less alluring and today it welcomes the virtuous fingers of pianists from all over the world. In this case, human interpolation is decisive: natural wood shades are hidden under a layer of uniform obscurities.

Interpreting black parquet

Exploring natural wood means encountering identities and variations, culminating in the discovery of the one we identify with. Wood parquets teach us that differences and identity lie in detail: the character of black makassar ebony wood flooring is very different from that of dark walnut and is characterised by the vibrant convergence of brown and darker veining. African wenge is even more a question of interpretation: originally light, it acquires the dark tonalities it is normally associated with by means of an oxidation process. Each black wood flooring changes character according to finishings and wood varieties it relates to, for limitless colour exploration possibilities, ranging from dark grey parquet to the warmer notes of brown parquet.

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