In the case of colour, the decision to define clear borders is essentially subjective and arbitrary. This is especially true in the case of parquet, which can be made in any shade of grey, exalting any type of shade. The enhancement of colour is akin to alchemic research: oils, reagents and pigments engage in dialogue with wood molecules and evolve, demonstrating the capacity for change of this live and reactive material.

incastrare antracite wide

Dark grey parquet, between shadow and light

Warmth and coolness, light and darkness, neutrality and personality: dark grey wood flooring lends itself to interpretations which redefine balances between opposites. Dark grey dialogues with wood, exalting its texture, enabling us to behold each pore, crack, furrow and veining, conferring visual and tactile three-dimensionality. Colour in dark grey wood flooring dialogues with live and natural material, enabling the emergence of silvery veins, or lines that are as black as the night. Sometimes even the lightest of shade distinguishes black wood flooring from dark grey wood flooring, or dark grey wood flooring from light grey parquet. Molecular encounters, reciprocal reactions between chemical elements, live materials which respond to colour explorations: there is no such thing as a dark grey wood flooring, rather there is a countless array of variations.

A centuries-old dark grey flooring

Even when it seems dead, nature works hard and in silence, transforming material day after day. There is dark wood flooring with centuries of history: pieces of the past perfectly conserved by nature. Swamp oak is a dark grey wood conserved for centuries on end in swamp mud which protects it from water and earth. Its trunks transform their very nature, conserving themselves to the brink of eternity. Dark and marked by time, swamp oak becomes flooring by unveiling all its signs and shades which narrate its history. Therefore, parquet traces a story which invites us to gaze at it endlessly and relish in the constant discovery of new details.

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