Indian Rosewood Parquet

Dalbergia Latifolia grows luxuriously on India's mountains and in its forests, developing wide trunks and a wood characterised by warm tones and dark veining. Indian Rosewood has been used for high-end cabinetmaking as well as guitar production for two centuries now. In more recent times, Indian rosewood has also come to be used to create luxury parquet, conquering a niche of estimators. When cut, the tree reveal a dark wood with a slightly reddish veining and which tends to lighten upon exposure to the sun. Capturing the perfect tonality and ensuring that it is maintained over time is a veritable art form which occurs during the drying phase, before any other processing takes place.

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Light and warmth in Indian rosewood flooring

The sheer elegance of Indian rosewood makes it particularly fine and coveted for the creation of flooring that is aesthetically capable of conveying and leaving space for personal interpretations. The dark tones of Indian rosewood exalt elegant and rigorous interiors. It is a wood which confers remarkable shininess, even with a simple polish, and which enriches interiors with a natural luminosity, well-balanced with the warmth of its hues. Versatile and highly resistant, Indian rosewood conserves its own elegance with any type of finishing and processing..

A parquet laden with exotic suggestions

It is in the nature of Indian rosewood to make itself be loved to such a degree that it is considered art, however it is also appreciated as a vehicle for artistic production. It is a particularly original wood for the construction of the bottom, necks and sides of guitars by some of the world's biggest brands. It is a wood used for the construction of exceptionally refined furnishing and inlays. In flooring, Indian rosewood unleashes all its beauty, engaging light in dialogue to create warm and welcoming interiors, with exotic notes that reveal themselves gradually to the beholder's gaze.

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