Amaranth, the purple parquet which doesn't exist?

Purple wood parquet is obtained exclusively from colour exploration processes: there is only one tree in the world which can be used to create a natural purple colour wood floor. We ventured into the thickest South American forests to capture the beauty of amaranth wood in all its glory: under the bark of the amaranth tree lies a wood capable of changing profoundly.

How purple parquet is created from amaranth wood

The creation of a natural purple wood floor is the result of a partnership between man and nature: freshly cut amaranth wood does not reveal all its colour potential. Inside however, it already contains molecules which will enable it to turn bright purple, thanks to an oxidation process. Treating amaranth means respecting and engaging in dialogue with nature, coaxing its purple tonalities to the surface by means of an exploration process which exalts one of the less well-known but finest woods in the world.

The unique charm and attractiveness of purple parquet

Purple parquet is for those who are not afraid to dare, imagine, transcend convention, for those willing to explore personal ways of interpreting interiors. Lucent, saturated and iridescent, purple wood flooring is brimming with vital energy. It inspires spiritual reflections as its tone distances itself from red and edges towards blue. A combination of the vigour and mysticism of two opposite colours, alluring purple features in sumptuous garments of Ancient Rome, amethyst crystals, once believed to have magical powers, as well as vibrant expressions of 20th century creativity and expression, between the petals of a perfume laden rose and in the intense reflections of a glass of wine. Purple is laden with meanings which are captured in wood flooring, for the creation of a designer parquet characterised by an intense aesthetic and narrative power.

Variations of purple wood flooring

Changeable and laden with timeless mysticism, purple is renowned as the colour which manifests itself in the broadest range of tones and interpretations. Purple is the answer to an aesthetic challenge brought to life with oils, finishings, brushings and colour explorations, in a tireless search for wood pavement nuances. Purple parquet becomes luminous and dazzling with a shiny finish which fully captures light and reflects it in interiors, or warmer and tactile, with an opaque finishing. In this way, colour engages in a unique dialogue with the parquet surface and wood veining, culminating in a visual story which spreads across the entire floor and exudes an irresistible allure.

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