Makassar ebony flooring: the colour of luxury

Black has always been synonymous with luxury and prestige. In nature, this cultural reference is embodied by Makassar ebony, a dark brown wood with warm and coloured streaks. Thick and tight veining running along the wood's entire surface recalls the regularity of an animal's coat. Makassar ebony is obtained from Diospyros Celebica, a high trunk, ever green tree which can reach remarkable heights and diameters. Demand is high for Makassar, an elegant, fine and rare wood, named after the main port of the island of Suwanesi, Indonesia. All Makassar ebony used for the production of prestigious objects, furnishings and uniquely alluring flooring comes from here.


Infinite variations of brown and black

As with all masterpieces, Makassar ebony requires care and attention so that it can fully express its aesthetic potential. The trunk needs to be free to grow and develop all its colour suggestions, whereas successive drying phases must be carried out slowly to prevent damage to raw material. Do not be fooled by its dark tones: the richness and variety of the Makassar ebony palette reveals itself upon closer observation. This wood is capable of creating infinite plays and ties between the black background and warm, reddish brown shades.

Adding prestige with a Makassar ebony parquet

The veining which runs along Makassar ebony invades dark surfaces with light, creating intriguing patterns, while expressing all the vitality and uniqueness of a high-aesthetic impact wood. A favourite among design experimenters and enthusiasts of classical tastes, Makassar ebony flooring succeeds in something only works of art are able to do: it exalts every style, adding value and uniqueness to interiors when matched with any kind of material, especially finer ones.

Ebano Makassar base

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