Pink wood flooring: the delicate elegance of Bois de Rose

Appreciated and widespread in the creation of fine furnishings, Bois de Rose is a challenge in the field of parquet: this pink coloured wood is sourced from small-sized trunks. Bois de Rose comes from Dalbergia Decipularis and Dalbergia Frutescens, which both belong to the Leguminosae Papilionaceae family. Rare and for this reason fine, Bois de Rose comes from the Brazilian state Bahia, as well as from a few other areas of South America, Brazil and Argentina in particular.

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Bois de Rose, a symbol of prestige

The delicate veining and intense pink of Bois de Rose did not go unnoticed over past centuries. This elegant wood was extensively used during the 18th century in the art of furniture construction and inlays. Precious like a pearl and equally rich in delicate shades, Bois de Rose conferred further prestige upon furniture pieces in Louis XV and Louis XVI style produced in France.

How a Bois de Rose parquet d'auteur is born

Throughout history, Bois de Rose has taught us to appreciate elegance in the small and rare things. Plants, little more than shrubs really, confer an intense pink coloured heart, with an aesthetic potential we decided to explore and introduce to the kingdom of furniture.

Each processing phase of Bois de Rose used for fine wood flooring is important and delicate: given its small diameter, identification with minimal waste is essential during selection. Processing involves a number of techniques including the art of parquet and cabinetmaking tradition, bringing to life a reinterpretation of Bois de Rose in flooring which captures it in all its delicate beauty.


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