On the border between light and shadow, light grey flooring lends itself to an infinite array of semantic and aesthetic interpretations. The meeting of darkness and the light of light grey flooring gives rise to a surface which engages in dialogue with the external environment, absorbing and reflecting light, changing appearance and tones accordingly, for a relationship which is far from what we normally refer to as neutral. Even in its most discrete colour, it exudes a complex and ever-changing personality.  Light grey wood flooring is never a walk on, rather it is a discrete co-protagonist.

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Light grey wood flooring

Creating light grey wood flooring means carrying out a colour exploration grounded in dialogue between pigment and live material. The perception of each veining, pore and surface three-dimensionality is influenced by the way in which colour engages with each of these elements. Wood parquet can offer subtle light grey notes which delicately appear between veining, or enable the delicate emergence of light grey veins which become protagonists, with an exploration of all shades between white wood parquet and dark grey wood parquet.

An infinite array of horizons manifests itself by means of the exploration of all possible finishings, from the most opaque to the shiniest, capable of making wood truly shimmer. What really identifies a light grey wood parquet is what reveals it as such in the eyes of whoever desires it, culminating in full satisfaction of individual perception.

Sometimes there are answers in nature which you need to look for, which unveil themselves only through patient waiting and care. From the majestic oak, this wood is capable of reacting to the passing of time and elements with which it comes into contact, such as air and light: a slow oxidation process transforms oak into a wood characterised by light grey tonalities. Light grey oak flooring is grounded in a balance which needs to be cultivated by means of care and a profound knowledge of wood. Knowledge is the key to finding and conserving everlasting grey shades in oak for wood flooring.

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