Rarity often breeds prestige. In the case of wood, raw material availability is not the only factor which determines value, rather we look to the uniqueness of its most elegant expressions. Research into the rarest, most elegant woods, richest in aesthetic allure, means going down a route of exploration through a field of variety, colours and processes. Prestigious parquets are made from wood which they succeed in uncovering, bringing to light all the raw material's hidden beauty, even when concealed in extremely rare woods. Choosing a fine wood flooring is above all a search inside yourself, it is about discovering everything we wish to recount from our intimate depths, about finding and being in the world.

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Luxury and prestige in wood parquets

A sign on an immaculate wood table, or the total absence of irregularities on an immense plank, a geometry created by exploring unlimited fields of varieties. Today, luxury is about taking time to see the wood flooring we desire, or never thought could exist, come to life before our very eyes. Taking time out out to relish in research, the exploration of colours, materials, unknown surfaces: this is what luxury is about today. The prestige of an antique or recycled wood flooring, steeped in history and bearing its signs on its surface, is just as fascinating as the exploration of innovative parquet, both in terms of colour and shape. A prestigious wood parquet is the result of a precious gift we bestow upon ourselves: the chance to codify our own idea of elegance and watch as it comes to life, second to none and impossible to replicate, for the first time ever on this earth.

Fine coloured flooring

Discovering the possibility offered by fine coloured wood flooring is like opening your eyes and seeing light for the first time: the gaze beholds infinite tonalities which meet in veining that is so different that it appears to have been drawn by different hands. Therefore parquet becomes an object of marvel: black, white, grey wood flooring in a full range of tonalities, as well as dark blue, blue, red or splendid amaranth: often boundaries known to us are just the beginning of another wonderful world.

Fine rare wood flooring

Searching for beauty in the rarest of woods means embarking on a journey around the world, a chance to discover nature's most precious gifts. Vibrantly coloured woods featuring fascinating veining and incredible patterns: the world of wood flooring transcends all expectations. South America's tropical forests provide us with shimmering woods such as amaranth, the more delicate bois de rose, with its rosé notes, or exotic Tiger Wood, whose shades are reminiscent of a tiger's coat.

Europe brings us marvels which allude to marble, such as radica, made from walnut and processed by expert hands, in accordance with centuries-old traditions. Africa prints the warm tones of its earth onto zebrano, a yellow-coloured wood, striped with highly regular brown lines. From India we have Rosewood, characterised by its dark colour and versatility. Tones embrace blackness with Makassar ebony, one of the finest woods in the world, featuring alluring and highly suggestive dark striping. The journey is long and offers potentially infinite possibilities for exploration: all we need is to know where to direct our gaze.

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