Luxury radica parquet

What is normally considered as an aesthetic defect becomes the raison d'etre of beauty, refinement and elegance. Radica parquets are traditionally obtained from walnut roots and ramifications. Radica production is an artisan tradition which has reached levels of excellence in Italy and Europe. Thanks to skilled hands, this wood unleashes all its expressive potential in a parquet which captures the gaze and invites us to explore every single veining, each piece of the puzzle reconstructed with Renaissance mastery.

Elite Prestige pavimento in Radica di Noce

The prestige of radica flooring

Veining developed from roots and branches creates an incredible dynamism, with patterns of such complexity and elegance that they remind us of the evolutions of marbles, matched with all the warmth and expressive vitality of wood. Radica's aesthetic variety and elegance means that already in past centuries it became an undisputed protagonist of the luxury world, from furnishing to the more recent automotive sector. Used for the creation of wooden flooring, radica confers prestige upon all interiors, bringing it to life and rendering it dynamic. It is capable of revealing itself in an infinite array of ways, according to angle. It is particularly well suited for enhancing both modern and classical taste interiors. Radica confers beauty and character, without overshadowing elements it engages in dialogue.

From radica to work of art

Patience is one of the main instruments of care and attention in radica production. Great care is taken of trees, right from birth and for the rest of their long life. After harvesting, passion and knowledge past down from generation to generation help confer shape, colour and shades which are never the same, upon this unfailing unique wood. The passing of time is part of the luxury and prestige exuded by radica flooring: raw material needs time for it to become art. Light or dark tones, rich in elegance and grace, make radica a unique material, used in the creation of a rich variety of flooring. In radica parquet, nature expresses all its beauty and capacity to create veritable works of art, which man only needs to know how to behold.

base radica

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