I Castelli

From Loire Valley, Your Majesty the wood

The collection signed by Quadrolegno draws inspiration from the spectacular CHÂTEAUX OF THE LOIRE VALLEY, more than 300 historical magnificence built from the X century, placed in the beautiful Loire Valley, in the center of France, that were in the past the summer residence of the transalpine kings, who saw in these bucolic lands an ideal environment to rest and enjoy themselves. They were refined places, with stretches of water and luxuriant gardens that recreated noble harmonies perfectly surrounded by nature.

"I CASTELLI" is a collection distinguishable for the personalization of shapes and materials with the possibility to mix various kinds of wood, change their design, realize prototypes on demand, add marbles and metals, choosing among the several patinas of our wide range.

"I CASTELLI" collection includes various types of design that you can customize using one of 3 available processing options:

  • at sharp edge: each piece that forms the panel is at right-angle (only for solid wood);
  • tumble finished: each piece that forms the panel is worked one by one to age it and the borders are cleaved to provide it an antique effect (manufacturing in the multilayer is less evident);
  • beveled: all single elements that form a panel are beveled on all edges. In the multilayer bevel is more light comparing to  elements in solid wood.

Our engineering department is organized in order to create advantageous partnerships with architects and experts to assure their support in any single step, for who doesn't know well our products: QUADROLEGNO can follow you from design to the creation of the prototype and to laying. Woods floorings will become for experts who are our customers the instrument to persuade and fall in love their own clients, and show them that they trust in professionals and specialists of the field they work in.




Here you can see some examples of engineered panels with unique old fashioned  flavor. Nothing of their charm and prestige is lost.




Historical patterns perfectly lend itself to receive inserts in different materials like marble, alabaster and onyx. On request marble can be engraved and embellished  with gold leaves, protected with a transparent resin coat to make  its surface walkable.
These images  are only to give an idea of what it can be possible to create following the designer’s creativity  materialized by  artisan Italian craftsmanship.



Below it’s possible to see some manufacturing steps and applying gold leaf to marble.




Single details have the same importance  as a whole piece.





Manufacturing of single piece
Panel is obtained assembling and pasting the single pieces that form it. They are manufacturing separately at tongue-and-groove joint, to have the finished panel.

Manufacturing of panel
Female component of the panel is on its four sides. Wood key joints are supplied with material.

Raw material manufacturing: Oak wood

Surface manufacturing: brushing


Natural Color: Oak wood is not subjected to any kind of treatment maintaining its original color.

Light Brown Color: Oak wood is subjected to a special treatment that stimulates tannic acids naturally present in wood leaving at the same time  the wood pores open and ready to accept finish. Wood color becomes warmer and more heterogeneous in relation to the amount of tannic acids present in each single part of the panel.

Dark Brown Color: the treatment is the same as in case of Light Brown, but  performed for more  extended period of time. This makes wood  even more brown.

Consumed and bleached: the surface is subjected to artistic craftsmanship when each single piece of the panel was bleached and consumed.


Finish with neutral urethane oil.

Recomended laying

Gluing down