Timeless Wood Geometries

The QuadroLegno Patterns arise from the deep desire to combine past geometric compositions with a noble, beautifully versatile and natural material as wood. A fascinating duo of history and culture that enriches crosswise all types of settings, making “yesterday” a living matter and opening a future still unwritten. A future to be created along the way, a journey full of challenges and limitless.
Powerful tool available to anyone who wants, with their heart as well as their mind, to leave something, to do something new in the field of wooden floors , exploring scientific contexts as geometry, knowledge marginally used in the field of wooden surfaces. The lack of limits is baffling, frightening but fascinating.
This is because it frees us to express what we feel now, aware it will be different from what we will feel tomorrow.
Nothing is more exciting than a dynamic thought, which is our professional and personal development.


Past Classicism

The past is in our hearts, in our minds, in our future; as human beings we are part of a wonderful family that has been handing down knowledge so that it can be of help as a bridge to the future.
Geometry is a universal language, enriched by men who have made culture and discovery the purpose of their life. In this part we show geometric compositions belonging to different historical periods of human discovery.
They witness in centuries that man always loves what is universally beautiful.


Playing Tetris

Play with geometry, with pieces that fit together filling gaps, enriching surfaces with their presence.
As magnets they attract each other, aware of having a precise location, of being part of something, of contributing to a final result that can not be repeated.
Each setting is unique, as every piece in that exact position is, in that size and format communicating feelings that emerge from the color of the wood, from its unique grain and nuance. Angular geometries, thus supple and clean; tiles with multiple orthogonal and parallel sides in a contrast of dynamism and statics.
Difficult to define; potential element of an ornate minimalism or a simple game revisited.


Artistic Tassellations

Smooth and delicate framing, incredibly subtle and accurate, that develops in a spectacular plot of sizes, shapes and colors.
Unique pieces, modules that cover important surfaces, geometric shapes indecipherable when taken individually, but fundamental parts of a project that follows the logic and the desire of its creator to get where he wants to.
A language to be written.



A puzzle for most people, for those who since childhood have always hated Math as if it were a monster, an ogre who has the only target of haunting them from the early school years.
It’s actually a fascinating and unlimitedly fruitful world of news and discoveries, of secret and wonderful corners to discover.
A source of pure water that, through mathematical calculations, allow us to create compositions, geometries with no apparent beginning or end, without modularity and limitless.
Algorithmes are a powerful tool, but there is much more.


Wooden Geometries

Geometry expressed in its forms and combinations; some examples of what can be created. Some ideas that could allow you to create without limits.
Unlimited solutions for a composition, wide range of surface works and customized patinas lead to incredible number of results.
A version in solid oak wood reflects its materiality in each element; a multilayer version offers in its wide range of wood species exceptional dimensions enriched with book matching of each element.
This is a real paradise for all creative people with no brakes.