Élite Graphique

Engraved Materia

The only bookmatched parquet with pantograph engraving

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The line Élite Graphique by Quadrolegno is a creative version of the line Élite Charme. The bookmatched elements are subject to further craftsmanship, engraving with pantograph, that makes the final result even more exclusive. This technique allows to create an unlimited variety of artistic or geometrical patterns that can follow continuously from one wooden element to another, both bas and high relief, for parquet, wall covering or furnishings.

The pantograph engraving enhances the wood grain and the colour of the wood species chosen, creating interesting  lights and decorating a living space in an elegant and original way.



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The evolution of the line Charme with its bookmatched veneer panels is concretized now with the creation of decors obtained by engraving of the precious wood layer with pantograph.

Élite Charme: Wengè

Élite Graphique: Crocodile Skin

Élite Graphique:Geomix


Élite Charme: Padouk

Élite Graphique: Fantasy Bicolour

Élite Graphique:Fantasy monocolore

Élite Charme: Zebrano

Élite Graphique - Pelle di Pitone

Élite Graphique: Python Skin


Élite Charme: Purpleheart  (Violet wood)

Élite Charme - Oriente

Élite Graphique: Oriente



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Quadrolegno - Graphique


Panel Structure

The total thickness: approx.21 mm.
Built of:
A - 4 mm approx. of the precious layer (the thickness depends on the wood species chosen). 
B - 13 mm of the middle layer.
C - 4 mm of the backing.

Grooves on 4 sides. Beveled on 4 sides.



The product of the highest value for innovative design and manufacturing process can be used both as a wooden floor and wall covering, depending on the engraving depth executed on the wood surface.


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Scheme of the continuous pattern.

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Scheme of the Crocodile skin patterns.

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